Hello, we’re RepTango.

We make the dance between rep and hospital simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

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Reclaim your hospital...

Less email. Less conversations. Less meetings. Less interruptions. Less bull-ogna.

Our hospitals see meaningful reductions in both internal email among their colleagues and in external email from their vendors, helping them enjoy a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive work life.

The admin console gives you all the visibility and control you need to easily manage your hospital.


No matter how the hospital team changes or when reps come and go, manage access to your hospital’s data.


Protect your data with industry-standard TLS/SSL encryption, and two-step verification.


You’re too busy to onboard all your reps to the system. With RepTango, simply upload your reps’ emails to the system, RepTango takes care of the rest!


Keep your hospital’s knowledge in the hospital (think: historical quotes, commentary on specific devices...), for years to come.


Vendor and device information available on any tablet, phone, or computer. Whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere. We’ll keep your place so you can always pick up wherever you left off.

Your hospital in sync 

One simple search bar enables you to call upon any device, rep, company, quote, or product.

Powerful search

Increase communication and hold both your team and reps accountable through a living history of every device, rep, quote, or comment.

Better meetings

  • Collaborate in a single workspace
  • Keep hospital projects and work together
  • All device, rep, and vendor information is populated by your reps, freeing you to focus on more important things.


  • Facilitate Communication and Transparency with your point of contact at each hospital
  • Submit Quotes, IFUs, Company Contact Info, Product Pamphlets and more
  • Upload once, share your info across all your hospitals


  • Fast on-boarding and simple roll-out (read: we do it for you!)
  • Central user administration
  • Enhanced security with TLS/SSL


RepTango is free to use for hospitals that qualify... schedule a call to find out more!

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